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Capturing Love on the Gentle Shores: An Island Photographer's Guide to Perfect PEI Wedding Photos

A groom lifts up his bride on their wedding day, on their wedding day on Prince Edward Island, Canada.
PEI Wedding Photographer - Angela Rush Photography

As a photographer based on the picturesque shores of Prince Edward Island, I've had the privilege of capturing countless love stories against the backdrop of our island's stunning landscapes. Weddings are not just ceremonies; they are moments frozen in time, etched into the hearts of couples and their loved ones.

In this guide, I'll walk you through ten essential steps to ensure your PEI wedding photos are not only beautiful but also tell the unique story of your special day.

1. Selecting the Perfect PEI Wedding Photographer:

Begin your wedding photo journey by choosing a photographer whose style resonates with the island's charm. Do not forget to choose a wedding photographer who's personality suits you! You may want someone who is more in the background, or someone who's by your side keeping the energy & in the action all day. Browse through portfolios, seek recommendations, and connect with someone who understands the magic of capturing love amidst the red cliffs and rolling waves of PEI.

2. Crafting a PEI-inspired Shot List:

Collaborate with your photographer to curate a shot list that incorporates the island's natural beauty. From panoramic shots overlooking the Gulf of St. Lawrence to intimate captures in Anne of Green Gables-esque settings, ensure your list reflects the essence of PEI.

3. Embrace the Engagement Session:

Consider scheduling an engagement session with your wedding photographer to acclimate yourselves to the camera and embrace the unique energy of PEI. It's a chance to weave your love story into the island's landscapes, creating a visual narrative that goes beyond the wedding day.

4. Coordinating Coastal Couture:

Selecting outfits that harmonize with the island's palette is crucial. Think breezy blues, sandy neutrals, and the occasional pop of vibrant red. Steer clear of intricate patterns that might compete with the natural beauty surrounding you.

5. Pre-Wedding Glamour with Island Vibes:

Schedule a hair and makeup trial, allowing you to embody the island's laid-back charm while still exuding elegance. A look that withstands the island's gentle sea breeze ensures you'll be radiant in every shot.

6. Scouting Prince Edward Island's Photogenic Secrets:

Embark on a pre-wedding adventure to scout photo locations. From lighthouses and hidden coves to vibrant harbors, familiarize yourself with the island's gems and share your discoveries with your photographer.

7. Timelines in Island Time:

Craft a wedding timeline that respects the unhurried rhythm of PEI. Allocate ample time for getting ready, capturing pre-ceremony moments, and savoring post-ceremony portraits against the island's golden hours.

8. Bridal Party Briefing:

Communicate the importance of punctuality to your bridal party. Ensure they understand the significance of capturing the island's magic and the role they play in bringing your story to life through the lens.

9. Embracing the Island Spirit:

On your wedding day, surrender to the island's tranquility. Trust your photographer's expertise and savor the genuine moments. Allow the love and joy to radiate naturally, creating images that tell a story as timeless as the red cliffs.

10. Continuous Communication:

Maintain open lines of communication with your PEI photographer throughout the day. Share your preferences, express your ideas, and collaborate to ensure every shot encapsulates the spirit of your love amidst the island's beauty.


As you embark on your journey to capture love on the gentle shores of Prince Edward Island, remember that each photograph is a chapter in your unique story. With these PEI photographer wedding photo tips & With thoughtful preparation, an eye for the island's magic, and a genuine embrace of the moment, your PEI wedding photos will not only be beautiful but will also stand as a testament to the timeless love found in this captivating corner of Canada. Here's to love, laughter, and unforgettable moments against the backdrop of PEI's enchanting landscapes!

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