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Seaside Soirees and Cozy Celebrations: 10 Intimate PEI Wedding Venues for Small Weddings

PEI wedding photos in front Confederation Bridge.
PEI Wedding Photography @ Confederation Bride - Angela Rush Photography

Welcome to the enchanting world of intimate weddings on the gentle shores of Prince Edward Island! As a fun-loving photographer with a passion for capturing the joy of small celebrations, I've had the pleasure of exploring some of the island's most charming venues. Some of these PEI wedding venues are hidden gems, that are often overlooked, meaning you may have less competition to secure your wedding date!

Join me on a virtual tour as we discover 10 intimate PEI wedding venues that not only provide the perfect backdrop for your special day but also offer a photographer's dream canvas for small PEI weddings.

1. The Inn at Bay Fortune: A Small Venue With International Fame

Imagine saying "I do" surrounded by lush gardens and exchanging vows in a historic inn. Founded by international superstar Chef Michael Smith, The Inn at Bay Fortune is a perfect blend of elegance and island charm. Every snapshot at this venue is a page from a storybook, capturing the essence of love against a backdrop of natural beauty.

2. The Dunes Studio Gallery and Café: Where Art Meets Romance

Nestled among rolling hills & overlooking the Brackley Bay, The Dunes Studio Gallery and Café is a creative haven for intimate celebrations. From vibrant art backdrops to lush flower gardens, this venue provides a unique and picturesque setting that adds an artistic flair to every photograph.

3. Rossignol Estate Winery: Sipping Love Among the Vines

For couples with a taste for the finer things, Rossignol Estate Winery is a dreamy location. The romantic backdrop of vineyards and a rustic barn sets the stage for capturing warm hues of sunset reflecting off the grapevines, creating timeless images.

4. The Gables of PEI: Quaint Charm in Every Frame

Quaint and charming, The Gables of PEI offers intimate cottages and a beautiful event space. Picture laughter echoing through the gardens and dancing under the stars. This venue is a photographer's delight, capturing the warmth and intimacy of small celebrations.

5. The Mill at New Glasgow: Nature's Embrace

Surrounded by the river and towering trees, The Mill at New Glasgow provides a secluded setting for intimate affairs. As a photographer, I appreciate the play of light filtering through the trees during outdoor ceremonies, creating magical moments frozen in time.

6. The Haviland Club: Vintage Elegance in Charlottetown

Located in historic Charlottetown, The Haviland Club exudes vintage charm. With high ceilings, intricate details, and a timeless elegance, this venue is a captivating canvas for a photographer to weave a visual story of love and celebration.

7. The PEI Preserve Company: Garden Romance by the River

Imagine a ceremony in a garden overlooking the river, followed by a cozy reception in a rustic barn. The PEI Preserve Company adds a touch of island magic to every frame, capturing the natural beauty of the surroundings and the joy of the celebration.

8. Dalvay by the Sea: Seaside Victorian Romance

Dalvay by the Sea, with its Victorian elegance and seaside location, offers a picturesque setting for an intimate wedding. As a photographer, I revel in capturing the love and joy against the backdrop of the iconic white clapboard mansion and expansive grounds.

9. The Great George Hotel: Timeless Sophistication

For couples seeking a blend of history and sophistication, The Great George Hotel in Charlottetown is a gem. From capturing the pre-ceremony excitement in elegant rooms to documenting the celebration in their intimate courtyard, it's a joy to preserve these timeless moments.

10. The McMillan Dunes Beach Club: Beachfront Bliss

For a beachfront celebration, The McMillan Dunes Beach Club is a photographer's paradise. Golden sands, azure waters, and the warmth of the sun create a canvas for capturing the pure joy of an intimate beach wedding. Every frame tells a story of love against the backdrop of nature's beauty.


Prince Edward Island offers a treasure trove of intimate wedding venues, each with its unique charm and story to tell that photographers love. Whether it's a winery, a charming inn, or a beachfront paradise, these venues provide the perfect setting for couples looking to celebrate their love in a small and meaningful way. As a fun and friendly photographer, I can attest to the magic that unfolds in these unique settings, creating memories that will be cherished for a lifetime. Here's to love, laughter, and unforgettable moments against the backdrop of PEI's enchanting landscapes!

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