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I Do, Your Way: Elopements vs Micro Weddings

A Small Backyard Wedding on Prince Edward Island -  Angela Rush Wedding Photography
An Intimate PEI Micro Wedding - Angela Rush Photography


In the world of weddings, couples are rewriting the rules and embracing more intimate celebrations. Two popular choices gaining momentum on PEI are elopements and micro weddings. While both offer a departure from traditional grand ceremonies, they differ in key aspects. In this article, we'll explore the distinctions between elopements vs micro weddings to help you decide which intimate celebration aligns best with your love story.

Defining Elopements:

Traditionally associated with spontaneity and secrecy, elopements have evolved into intentional, intimate ceremonies. Key characteristics of elopements include:

  1. Minimal Guest List: Elopements typically involve just the couple or a handful of close witnesses. The emphasis is on the intimate exchange of vows without a large audience.

  2. Location Flexibility: Elopements often take place in unique and meaningful locations, whether it's a mountaintop, beach, or cityscape. The emphasis is on the destination's significance to the couple.

  3. Spontaneity: While not necessarily spur-of-the-moment, elopements are known for their lack of elaborate planning and the freedom to choose a date and location that resonates with the couple.

  4. Limited Formalities: Elopements tend to forgo many traditional wedding formalities. The focus is on the couple, their commitment, and the emotions of the moment.

Exploring Micro Weddings:

Micro weddings, on the other hand, are a deliberate choice for couples seeking a scaled-down but more structured celebration. Key features of micro weddings include:

  1. Small Guest Count: While larger than elopements, micro weddings still maintain an intimate guest count typically ranging from 10 to 50 people. This allows for meaningful connections with every attendee.

  2. Structured Ceremony: Micro weddings often include a more structured ceremony, which can involve traditional wedding elements such as processions, readings, and personalized vows.

  3. Venue Choices: Couples opting for micro weddings might choose unique venues like a garden, small chapel, or private estate. The location is selected to accommodate the guest count while providing a distinctive backdrop.

  4. Personalization: Micro weddings allow for a high level of personalization. Couples can incorporate unique details, decorations, and elements that reflect their personalities and story.

Choosing Between Elopements and Micro Weddings:

  1. Guest List: If you prefer an extremely intimate setting with minimal guests, an elopement might be the right choice. If you want a small but more inclusive gathering, a micro wedding is a great compromise.

  2. Formality: If you're leaning towards a more relaxed, informal celebration, an elopement may suit your style. For those desiring a bit more structure and tradition without the grandeur of a large wedding, a micro wedding is an excellent option.

  3. Location: If the idea of an adventurous, off-the-beaten-path location appeals to you, an elopement might be the perfect fit. If you envision a curated venue with a small group of loved ones, a micro wedding provides a more structured setting.

  4. Personalization: Both elopements and micro weddings allow for personalization, but micro weddings offer more flexibility for couples who want to include certain traditional elements or specific details.


Whether you're drawn to the simplicity of an elopement or the structured intimacy of a micro wedding, the key is to choose the celebration that aligns with your vision and values as a couple. Both options offer the opportunity to create a profoundly meaningful and unique experience that reflects the essence of your love story. So, whether you say "I do" cliffside with just the two of you, or in an intimate garden on Prince Edward Island surrounded by your closest loved ones, the most important thing is that your celebration feels authentic to you. Here's to crafting a wedding day that perfectly mirrors your love and commitment, no matter the size or style!

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